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I knew I missed something in London!

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies exists.

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((The suns out, it’s 20 degrees Celsius, what a perfect day…

…to stay the fuck in bed *rolls over*))

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the-other-okumura whispered: all the symbols


((mun cackles. I won’t be putting the drabble here though, that will come later.

  • ❤ :Where on their body is your muse most sensitive?
Ears, Neck, Lower Back and I think inner thighs. the ears and the lower back are for reasons 
  • ✿ :Has your muse ever had sex before?
Extra virgin olive oil here, folks. Not even on my old blog. close but no banana
  • ☜ :Does your muse like to top?
Fuck yeah. at least in all the yukisam porn we wrote
  • ☞ :Does your muse like to bottom?
Depends on the partner.
  • ∀ :Your muse’s favorite position?
Doesn’t really know.
  • ☺ :How often does your muse masturbate?
When he kind of reaches a stress peak and has the time/privacy to do so. And his porn hasn’t been stolen. so it’s actually pretty often
  • ☂ :How long does it take your muse to hit climax, usually?
Depends on his time limit, what he’s reading/imagining, and what he’s willing to let himself think about. 
  • ✌ :Is your muse good with their hands?
I’d say so.
  • ♡ :Does your muse have any birthmarks or scars they get embarrassed about others seeing?
No. the one ‘birthmark’ he wouldn’t want people to see is in his fucking eyes
  • Á :Is your muse loud in bed?
Yes. If he isn’t you’re not doing it right.
  • ⚔ :Does your muse have any specific kinks?
biting. biTING. rough housing in general. lacy panties. crossdressing.
  • ☌ :Would/does your muse have any special piercings anywhere? Would they get some?
Nope and probably not. 
  • ♥ :Does your muse like to cuddle after sex? Anything else for aftercare?
He’d definitely cuddle with a long-time partner, because they’re the person he’d feel comfortable acting on kinks with. So general cuddling and murmuring to one another, tending to wounds or kissing bruises. 
Yukio about his moles.

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take this transparent gold star knowing ur not 100% a dick

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