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You may know me by many names, but primarily I am Puddor- Ao no Exorcist obsessor extraordinaire, game dev, writer, whiny baby.

I am revising my old commission post because I’m not getting any work, and I feel my prices are a bit high (and I’ve even reduced them in quotes I’ve given people, so obviously even I feel I’m working at too high a rate.)

Now, a word of warning. I’m one of those people who tends to take a while with commissions, especially highly detailed ones. I can get roughwork done quickly. Basically, if you want it fast, it won’t be as good as it would be if I’d taken my time. 

Essentially, pick two out of: cheap, fast, good. You can’t have all three.

I will be willing to lower my costs if you want it done fast but keep the above in mind.

Examples of current work can be found in here

All prices are in AUD and are negotiable. 

Base Line list:

  • Chibi/Super-Deformed

$5 for lines and $7 for colour.

  • Headshot

$6 for a sketch, $10 for lines and $14 for colour, more depending on the colouring style, and potentially more depending on the expression. These can be ordered in groups.

  • Waist Up

$15 for a sketch, $22 for lines, $30 for colour. These can be ordered in groups.

  • Full Body

$20 for a sketch, $27 for lines, $36 for colour.

I will also do design work for characters- turn arounds, headshots, etc, if you give me a basic outline, but this would be the basic prices + research and design work/time costs. 

I will draw almost anything, and I will also draw 4komas/if you throw an idea at me I can give you a quote.

If you would like to hire me for long term work, I need a good outline of the project’s scope, outcomes, and my duties. 

Thank you! If there’s anything you’re hazy about please message me!


I laughed a little too hard oops


i stg I’ll get more drafts done tomorrow. Aside from that, sleeping time now.))

I forgot to actually outline the limits of Yukio’s healing ability (I have one thread where this is a problem but I’m gonna play it anyway because I like that thread).


Small scratches and cuts are gone within a few hours. Bruises as well. Basically anything minor is gone by the time he wakes up the next day.

More major cuts can take up to three days to heal, such as the one he received from Toudou. While he was wearing a bandage the night after and whilst on the Kyoto trip, it is gone by the time they’re fighting the Kraken.

For anything more extreme, like a broken arm, it’s about half to three quarters (because it’s prioritised). But it’s been a long while since he’s gotten anything like a broken limb since he’s particularly careful about it (hiding the fact your cast is off weeks early is a lot harder than cuts and scrapes.)

So, it could be borderline normal, but Yukio was sickly kid, he doesn’t eat or sleep well, etc— so him having a fast healing rate doesn’t really make sense. In that sense, he’s noticed, and so have a few others.

Essentially, it’s around or just above Rin’s healing rate before he drew the Kurikara. It’s enough to enable him to get up faster from a hit, and generally make him a little more durable than others.

In terms of other limits, and the obvious question—if the wound is inflicted by something blessed, yes, it heals slower, but by that same token he quite obviously doesn’t receive wounds from blessed objects very often if at all. It wouldn’t hurt or damage him any more than usual, just impair his healing.

His wounds still scar, but lightly— they look more like discolouration than actual scars for the most part.

salarymanexorcist whispered: "Nii-san."



"W-What?! I haven’t done anything, I swear!"

"Now you’re talkin’ my language~" It’d taken him a while, but Yukio was finally getting that Rin did less damage when he was allowed to participate than if he was just left to watch.


Rin’s smile faded once Yukio went into Lecture mode, an annoyed pout making its way onto his face as his tail flicked behind him. “Yeah, but it’s harder to kill me than it is to kill a normal person,” he mumbled; while they hadn’t tested the limits of his healing for obvious reasons, Rin was pretty sure that there were few things in Assiah that could actually kill him. Besides, the Vatican would probably throw a party if he died, but Rin wasn’t enough of a dumbass to say that in front of Yukio. Rin sighed, hanging his head. “…I’ll try, okay? I really will.” But if someone’s in trouble, I’m still gonna run out and try to save them no matter what you say.

He wasn’t sure what to say to that. Because from his perspective, he’d never seen it as a reason to jump further into the fray than necessary—he’d always loathed close combat. And while his healing ability had absolutely nothing on Rin’s, it wasn’t anything to be ignored either. 

In fact, it’d always been more of a reason to avoid injuries.

"Being harder to kill doesn’t mean you should deliberately put yourself in harm’s way" he said quietly, before breathing out through his nose.

"…Alright" he conceded, adjusting his glasses. In the event Rin didn’t listen, it was a matter of twisting the situation and making him useful. If he couldn’t change Rin’s behaviours, he’d manipulate the situation around him, and him if necessary.

So long as he was safe.

"Do you have everything you need to bring?" Yukio asked, pulling out his keys and beginning to flick through them. "I need to make a stop at the Armoury to pick up a gas mask and hazmat suit, then from there I have a mission key. I’ll brief you on the way."